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This journey began at the end of 2019 when I received a word from the Lord:

Open your mouth and I will fill it.

In April 2020, while quarantined in the midst of a global pandemic, this was my attempt to obey the call.


What began as an open audio journal is now a weekly audio podcast for women, where we talk about the truths that influence our identities, guide our choices, form our future, and lead us to the Hope that steadies our hearts. 

Here we pull back layers, uncover lies, and hold on to the only Truth that satisfies.

For me, this Truth is absolute. Everything bends to it- like sunflowers to the sun. It's relevant. It's steadfast. It's trustworthy.

It's living and wrapped in glory by one called Jesus Christ.


I invite you to press play every Friday as I show up with questions + some answers while sharing how I stay tethered to Truth.

I pray what you hear helps you hold on, so you can live with peace + purpose.


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About the Host

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Naomi Moka

Disciple. Mother. Sister. Friend. Bearer.

Helping women stay connected to Truth so they can live peacefully.